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Meituan has covers the whole chain of food and skittles live big data, the company is very pay attention to data value, data is the core assets of Meituan, is also the next generation of new energy, data management and value mining is the basis and guarantee, the core business decision, millions of delivery brother scheduling, advertising, search, recommendation and other normal operation of user products are not inseparable from the data, data like blood penetration into all aspects of Meituan.In this position, you will participate in:

1. Construction, organization and management of data warehouse, and precipitation of data assets;

2. Tool research and development in the data construction process, such as data security, data quality, data development tool chain, etc.;

3. Data application research and development, such as business intelligence, mining, analysis reports, data visualization, etc.;

4. Other data operation work serving all aspects of the business; join us, participate in the construction and lead the big data development trend of the local life service industry, and work together to help everyone eat better and live a better life through the data.