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As a Data Analyst at MOLTEN, you will contribute to the team in the following areas: 

  • Data sourcing: collect data from our enterprise customers for initial onboarding and ongoing maintenance 
  • Data cleansing: test data against the quality standard and specifications set by the MOLTEN team, report discrepancies, and iterate until data meets internal quality standards 
  • Data ingestion: write and execute scripts to ingest the data in MOLTEN databases (training will be provided by the engineering team) 
  • Data analysis: support the analysis of data for external and internal needs
  • Software development: write and test production quality code that will scale to work on a database of thousands of data points

As an ideal fit for this role, you are analytical, entrepreneurial and organized.

  • Analytical: you are comfortable with data and complexity. You obsess over the details, and no detail is too small for you. 
  • Entrepreneurial: you take ownership of your work, collaborate with your teammates to leverage their complementary skill sets, and train yourself to acquire the skills you need to get the job done. You will be given a large amount of freedom, and responsibility, to take on tasks that satisfy our clients.
  • Organized: when things get overwhelming for most people, you have the demonstrated ability to put things in perspective, prioritize your own workload, and deliver results.