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Job Responsibilities

Career Development Program (CDP) is the training and development program for young graduates by attempting the methods for growing future experts, managers and leaders. It will provide the opportunity to the talents to learn the company’s business, products, technologies and operating methods in their early careers.

The CDP will fulfill 3 x 8 months assignments in different functions or groups of Supply Chain, such as PGG Plant Production and Distribution.

For each assignment, the specific learning and project-related objectives will be well set up.

Every CDP will have a senior manager as mentor to guide and advise to his/her specific needs during the learning/working progress through the program.

The CDP is encouraged to seek advice, coaching and support from their colleagues, supervisors, and mentors.

After the three assignments finished, each commercial CDP will settle in a permanent position as designated by the hiring department in all cases the talents and the interest of the CDP will be considered when determining the best position.


Fresh graduate, with bachelor or master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Process, Mechanical or relevant major is required.

Excellent English skills, both in written and oral; skillful in use of PC software and general office tools.

Open, proactive, and willing to learn and grow in chemical engineering field.