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1. In-depth understanding of Internet financial business, constantly explore business needs, assist in digital operations, and build a rich and diverse BI application scenario;

2. Participate in the design and development of the basic architecture of the Internet financial data warehouse platform, manage PB-level data applications, mine data value, and realize high-quality data interoperability;

3. Participate in the construction of a unified Internet financial data standard system, build and optimize related integrated tool products;

4. Participate in the design and implementation of data quality monitoring and assurance systems, improve data quality and discover data issues in a timely manner;

5. Establish and improve the system and business layer data dictionary to ensure data reliability and stability.

1.Master Degree or above is preferred, high technical ability, scientific research ability to solve technical difficulties and strong innovation ability;

2. Familiar with data warehouse model design, have ETL development experience, have experience in Kimball’s dimensional modeling design and in massive data processing;

3. Proficiency in the use of programming languages ​​such as SQL/Python/Java, and the use of digital warehouse modeling tools such as ERWin/PowerDesigner;

4. Familiar with Hadoop ecological related technologies, including HDFS/MapReduce/Hive/HBase and relevant practical experience is preferred;

5. Strong sense of responsibility, strong active learning ability, active communication, focus on teamwork, and data security awareness.