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Cancer diagnostics and treatments are changing and advancing incredibly quickly, offering new hope to cancer patients and their families — longer survival, better quality of life, and, at times, a higher chance of a cure. Unfortunately, not every patient will benefit from these advances. Patients don’t have equal access to the best care.

Tens of thousands of cancer patients every year, all across the country, will not receive the best care our system has to offer.

Cancer Study Group’s mission is to help every cancer patient get to a fantastic doctor and team that will give them their best shot against their disease. We work primarily with large employers and unions as a benefit to employees who are diagnosed with cancer. Whenever one of their employees is diagnosed with cancer, we provide the patient with real-time guidance (based on two years of deep analytics and research) to help them get the best care.

Join us in our mission to get every cancer patient their best shot. Help us improve the lives of cancer patients.

The number one priority of a data analytics associate is to generate high-quality, quantitative analyses to help patients get to great experts for their cancer care. Responsibilities include researching and acquiring datasets, loading and cleaning these datasets using mySQL, working with team members to develop and execute methodologies for new metrics, and refreshing analytics with the most recent data available.

With more detail, the Associate will support the following efforts:

  • Creating Quantitative Analyses to Assist Navigation: This year (2022) is the first year of Cancer Study Group’s patient navigation service. One of our primary, ongoing goals is to improve the hospital and physician-level analyses we rely on to guide cancer patients to great experts for their care.
  • Analyzing Claims Feeds to Identify New Patients: In order to serve newly diagnosed cancer patients, we must first identify them. Cancer Study Group utilizes claims feeds to find cancer patients as quickly as possible – a data associate will work to facilitate and improve these data flows.
  • Developing Retrospective Analyses for Potential Partners: As companies begin discussions with Cancer Study Group, we provide a retrospective look at the cancer care their employees have received historically, highlighting potential problem areas. This involves running employer claims data through proprietary SQL analyses and creating custom visualizations to help illustrate our findings.

The right person for this role would have deep interest in manipulating large datasets, pulling out insights and trends, and developing complex analyses using mySQL and Tableau.

  • 0-2 years of professional experience (or academic study) in a data related field (data analysis, economics, statistics, computer science, engineering)
  • Proficiency with mySQL or SQL Server (coursework, internships, or full-time positions utilizing this software)
  • Excel and Tableau experience preferred
  • Experience with medical claims data preferred
  • AWS experience a plus

We’re building a company where what we do matters. The goal couldn’t be clearer – improve the lives of cancer patients. As the business grows, and the work becomes more complex, we need to become more, not less, committed to why we are doing this.

We also can’t just be aligned on the mission; we need to be working together to achieve it. We are building a culture where we’re all pulling together; and, more importantly, where we treat each other well.

At Cancer Study Group, we never discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, or marital, veteran, or disability status.

  • Competitive Salary, Performance Bonus at End of Year
  • Dental and Healthcare (80% employer paid)
  • Unlimited PTO, Federal Holidays

If you are interested in this position, please email Lexi Slotkoff at Cancer Study Group (