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We are seeking the best computer vision or deep learning research engineers to build a next generation computer vision based sensing platform. Zensors has a proprietary ML stack that has been developed to provide an end consumer grade experience around authoring new AI for end users.

You will have the opportunity to push the boundaries of what Live Tracking & Language understanding algorithms can do in the real world and will have access to some of the most unique datasets in existence. You will help improve the quality of algorithmic results and track algorithm performance. You will also partner with system software engineering leads to build shipping industrial strength code, minimize inefficiencies and latency and improve performance.


  • Have strong proficiency in C & programming/debugging skills.
  • Pursuing MS and/or PhD in Computer Science or equivalent
  • You should have superb image processing and/or deep learning skills
  • Publications or experience deploying Deep learning in the wild

About Zensors

Create smart offices, shops and restaurants using our sensing platform & existing cameras for data driven answers to critical business questions.

Zensors is a Visual Sensing platform that aims to augment how people interact with physical environment around them. Typical solutions involve installing special purpose sensors or using mobile apps but Zensors pushes the user interaction beyond the screen and a novel approach to automatically train computer vision systems to answer end-user problems and create new reactive experiences. Zensors is looking to push the boundary of deep learning and the end user usability of modern AI.