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Job Summary

Analyst, Market Research & Analytics, will be a key contributor in the Commercial Intelligence team, to support our vision of enhancing West overall market knowledge to drive actionable insights through innovative analytics and modeling approaches, and to provide market dynamics and implications through a holistic view. The primary responsibility of this role is to conduct secondary market research, extract data from internal, external sources, applying business acumen, strong analytical skills, and market knowledge to synthesize, connect dots and translate data into insights to solve complex business problems independently. The ideal candidate should possess strong analytical skills and business mindset, advanced skills in data manipulation, can interpret data, draw conclusions as well as summarize findings via Power Point.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Support West Commercial teams with secondary market research, identify key trends across industry, report relevant impacts and implications through routine tracking and monitoring.
  • Support Commercial Teams’ 5-Yr Strategic Plan activities, work with large datasets to examine changes in the relevant markets, therapeutic categories, growth trends, drivers, and impacts.
  • Conduct in-depth market opportunity assessments, understand customers, their pipeline dynamics, able to identify opportunities and provide leads as well as develop forecasts.   
  • Develop thorough understanding of competitive market landscape, key activities, product offerings, planned product development and go-to-market strategies.  
  • Able to plan, design and implement projects independently, know how to tackle a business case, capable of answering business questions and solving complex problems. 
  • Be the power user for key internal /external databases, able to cross link various resources using advanced analytics applications and models to analyze, synthesize and forecast when needed.
  • Advanced data manipulation skills, capable of working with large data sets, identify gaps, interpret findings, and draw conclusions, capable of summarizing/presenting key findings via Power Point charts.
  • Develop processes and data procedures, work closely with various departments to collect, prepare, organize, protect, and analyze data assets while ensuring we meets best practices.
  • Track FDA New Drug Approvals, investigate and confirm West participation, report scorecard to West Commercial, Leadership team, as well as Board and investors.  
  • Track relevant import/export, trade show activities, able to synthesize key findings /trends and report to Intelligence team, Commercial and Leadership team.  
  • Manage West Market Intelligence Hub/Dashboard, maintain /update the contents routinely.  
  • Other work assigned based on needs.

 Key Competencies


  • Strong analytical skills, business acumen, critical thinker, forward looking and problem solver.
  • Ability to pioneer, apply best practices, willing to think out of the box to solve complex problems using advanced analytics solutions.
  • Quick learner – willing and able to learn new skills and take on new challenges, a multitasker.   
  • Strong Power Point skills, be able to translate data, business cases and analytics into charts.  
  • Ability to use “best available data,” assumptions, and models to create unique approaches to solve business problems
  • Must be business savvy and the ability to grasp novel business models, self-motivated to acquire new skills, and understand the strategic plans of the enterprise.
  • Ability to guide data infrastructure-related vision for optimal output
  • Must be highly adept and capable of building and maintaining trusting partnerships and relationships across the board with cross-functional partners, company vendors, and customers.
  • Savvy in applied analytics, statistics and data science knowledge or practices preferred. Advanced data analytic skills are critical in further advancing in this role.
  • Team player, strong communication skills (oral and written). Strong work ethic and leadership mind.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • 3-5+ Years of market research experience in the pharma/ biotech /supplier industry preferred.
  • BS/MS: Biological science; Business analytics; Statistics training or working knowledge preferred.   
  • Prefer experience and working knowledge in statistical models, multiple regression, cross validation, variable selection etc., knowledge of decision tree and random forest approaches.
  • Prefer working knowledge in Python, PANDAs, statistical Computing with R  
  • Must have demonstrable experience in predictive modeling using automatic tools (classroom exercises allowed)
  • Knowledge of Power BI, helpful