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The Advanced Systems Engineer (Database Administrator) designs, creates, and manages databases to support the County’s database systems. This position is responsible for general database administration (installation, configuration, and maintenance), standards, database security, creating and monitoring automated jobs, SFTP, troubleshooting, query optimization, maintaining documentation related to DBA processes, managing database/application migrations, reviewing, and executing scripts, and providing feedback to developers as needed. The Advanced Systems Engineer is the advanced journey level in the Systems Engineer series. As an Engineer at the Advanced level, this engineer will be expected to perform project work and complex technical assignments independently or under minimal supervision, though they may receive guidance from the Senior or Lead Systems Engineers on the team.


The Highly Qualified Candidate will demonstrate that they possess skills and knowledge of the SQL Server engine, Transact-SQL, Integration Services, Replication Services, and Reporting Services, PowerShell, and TFS source control. The candidates will be self-motivated and possess excellent analytical, verbal, and written skills. The candidate works well within a team structure and possesses interpersonal skills to work with application developers, analysts, and other team members. 

The Minimum Qualifications for this position are: 


Any four-year combination of professional experience, certification, and/or relevant coursework that demonstrates the necessary knowledge and abilities. Examples include: 

  • Twelve (12) semester units of coursework from an accredited program and in a discipline relevant to the assignment is equivalent to a full year of related professional experience.
  • A completed certification program relevant to the assignment and knowledge and abilities necessary of the role.
  • A training program with evidence of completion providing the knowledge and abilities necessary of the role.
  • An internship and/or apprenticeship providing the required knowledge and abilities of the role.
  • Relevant professional experience demonstrating knowledge and abilities necessary of the role.