Ikhlaq Sidhu receives Best Paper Award at ICE-IEEE 2021

SCET Faculty Director, Prof. Ikhlaq Sidhu, has just received the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on Engineering, Technology, Innovation (ICE) 2021 for his paper A Generalized Framework for Algorithm Based Team Formation. Ikhlaq received the award along with his collaborators, Sudarshan Gopalakrishnan (’21 B.S. EECS) and Rajarathnam Balakrishnan (’20 M.Eng. IEOR).

More information about the research can be found on the conference presentation slides and the abstract and link to full text can be found below.

Abstract— Teams must be formed for all kinds of projects and purposes. Team formation is a key activity for innovation, entrepreneurship, class projects, and industry initiatives. Our experience with entrepreneurship and innovation has shown that a project’s results are highly dependent on the quality of team formation. In real life situations, team building is also time consuming. In this work we are developing a method and approach to form teams using algorithms. To do this, we develop a taxonomy for how teams are formed. We consider the key factors for team formation, identify measures for team effectiveness, as well as synthesize the framework with natural team formation processes. More importantly, we are proposing a generalized framework for algorithm based team formation. We provide sample algorithms with this framework to demonstrate its use in practical situations. The work of this paper also informs future characterization of the models developed here, which includes trade-offs for factors including optimality of team effectiveness, computation time, and policy

Full paper: I.B.25 Sidhu,et. al, “A Generalized Framework for Algorithm Based Team Formation”, ICE, IEEE, June 2021

The 27th ICE/IEEE International Technology Management Conference calls for original ideas, papers, debates, initiatives and projects in research, science and innovation.

Cheers to Ikhlaq and his collaborators, Sudarshan and Rajarathnam, on being recognized for his outstanding original research.

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