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IEOR Impact

How does IEOR impact the world?

Below are stories that show how faculty, students, and alumni are applying their knowledge with industrial engineering and operations research.

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IEOR Researchers Lead Efforts To Address Environmental Challenges In Energy, Pollution And Global Warming

By Keith McAleer | February 9, 2017

February 9, 2017 IEOR professors Max Shen, Shmuel Oren, Xin Guo, Ilan Adler, and Javad Lavaei are working on some of the most pressing problems of our time as lead…

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Ken Goldberg investigates robot-assisted precision irrigation to help address global water demand

By Berkeley IEOR | January 24, 2017

While the drought seems to flow away with recent California rains, the demand for water in agriculture remains a problem. However, California is not the only place with this issue: all over…

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Can fitness apps make us fit?

By Keith McAleer | January 4, 2017

Right now if you have a smartphone and an interest in living a more active lifestyle there are literally tens of thousands of fitness apps available that can help you…

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Aswani Investigates How Data Can Personalize Mobile Health

By Eugene Pang | August 10, 2016

With the proliferation of mobile devices and rising awareness that proper diet and exercise can prevent disease and lead to better overall health outcomes, mobile health (or mHealth) applications have become…

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Sutardja Center Alums Create “Prynt”, A Polaroid Printing Smartphone Case

By Eugene Pang | December 18, 2015

Prynt, a San Francisco-based startup founded by two graduates of a Berkeley Engineering entrepreneurship program, is bringing instant print photography to smartphones. The grads designed a smartphone case equipped with…