Endowed Chair Funds

An endowed chair is an enduring way to ensure that Berkeley IEOR recruits and retains exceptional faculty in perpetuity. Funding from endowed chairs helps bridge gaps in state support and provides funds in support of faculty research, teaching, and scholarly activities. An endowed chair is an honor that reflects the achievements of our faculty and the value and importance of teaching and mentorship at Berkeley IEOR.

Establishing an endowed chair is a meaningful way for donors to promote continued excellence at Berkeley IEOR.

Endowed Chair Funds

Earl J. Isaac Chair in the Science and Analysis of Decision Making

Alper Atamturk, Professor and Chair

William S. Floyd Jr. Distinguished Chair in Engineering

Ken Goldberg, Distinguished Professor

Coleman Fung Chair in Financial Modeling

Xin Guo, Professor and Head Undergraduate Advisor

Ronald W. Wolff Chancellor’s Chair in IEOR

Rhonda Righter, Professor and Graduate Advisor

For more information or to establish an endowed chair fund, contact Dale Masterson at dmasterson@berkeley.edu.