Last week, MIT Technology Review announced an inspiring new group of Innovators under 35. This annual list showcases some of the brightest young minds in technology today, and so it was no surprise to see the College of Engineering included in this year’s class. 

The 2022 list features UC Berkeley Materials Science and Engineering Postdoc, Kaichen Dong, who developed a “smart” coating that can be attached to any roof to significantly reduce energy consumption and the emissions often used to heat and cool buildings. Also featured on the list are College of Engineering alumni Magni Richani (M.S. ’12 CEE) and Dr. Rui Wang (M.S. ’16 MSE). Richani is recognized for developing dairy proteins that can be taken directly from plants without the need for cows. Dr. Wang was included for his recent photovoltaic research, which found that adding caffeine and its derivates to perovskites improves their stability “from several ours to almost five years.”  

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