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A recent report by the HEA group, a respected higher education research and consulting agency, has shed light on the correlation between specific fields of study and early-career earnings. Drawing upon data from the US Department of Education, which highlights the average pay four years after graduation, the report revealed a noteworthy finding: operations research stands out as the most financially rewarding path for graduates.

According to BLS data, the number of available positions for operations research analysts is poised for substantial growth, with a projected increase of 23% in this decade. This news bodes particularly well for the UC Berkeley’s Industrial Engineering & Operations Research Department, renowned for its comprehensive curriculum and commitment to fostering analytical prowess. As the demand for skilled operations research analysts continues to surge, Berkeley IEOR graduates, especially those from the brand new Master of Analytics program, are positioned to thrive in a job market that promises both lucrative opportunities and professional fulfillment.

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Original article by Alicia Adamczyk @ Yahoo!Finance