Professional Programs

Master of Engineering (MEng) part-time and evening programs

Are you looking to increase your leadership skills and technical expertise, but have limited time?  The part-time decelerated and part-time evening Master of Engineering (MEng) applied degree combines business-oriented coursework with applications-focused industrial engineering and operations research courses. It is intended to prepare students for professional practice.  

Students in this program earn the MEng degree after completing a minimum of 24 units of coursework, taken over the fall and spring semesters. Upon graduation, you are ready for a career path that leads to management and executive positions in companies and organizations as well as entrepreneurial ventures.

The program is supported by the College of Engineering's Coleman Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership. The Fung Institute's mission is to prepare engineers and scientists with the multidisciplinary skills to lead enterprises of all scales, in industry, government and the nonprofit sector. 

We are not longer accepting applications for this program for future enrollment.


Engineering Leadership Professional Program (ELPP)

The Engineering Leadership Professional Program is a non-MBA alternative to technology firm leadership.  UC Berkeley’s ELPP prepares engineering leaders for higher levels of responsibility within technology firms. For firms, the program helps engineering leaders align technology innovation with  business objectives. The program helps leaders avoid expensive mistakes, resolve disagreement between technical and business groups, and fix misaligned processes. For the candidates, the program provides critical skills for career development. Unlike an MBA, ELPP is more focused on technology firms and condensed into 4 1/2 months.  The program is offered in the evenings in Silicon Valley.

ELPP is not Business 101 from a book. The program is highly experiential and taught with the help of engineering leaders and professors who have led real organizations and created real technology innovations.

Find out why leading Silicon Valley and international firms send their top engineers to ELPP. Participants exchange best practices and join a powerful engineering leadership network with colleagues. Participants will join the vibrant industry ecosystem  of the Pantas and Ting Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, as well as participate in the conversation of Silicon Valley’s most strategic technology trends. Candidates must be recommended by the executive leadership within their firms. Current participating firms include Altera, Applied Materials, Cloudera, Ericsson, GE Software, Google, Juniper, Kaiser Permanente, Lam Research, Mentor Graphics, NetApp, EMC-Pivitol, Qualcomm, SanDisk, Samsung, Synopsys, VMware, and Yahoo.

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