` Word Cloud

Word Cloud

Advisor: Ken Goldberg
Implemented by: Siamak Faridani

     LCD Projector
     Flash + R

Word Cloud is a night-only art installation that uses text mining and light projection to provide a visualization of daily news headlines. This proposal is about the first prototype of the Word Cloud that is being prepared as an art installation for the front window of BCNM Commons area.

Every night, software downloads the front page of the major international daily newspapers. These newspapers will be on display the next day in front of the free speech cafe.

Using text-mining methods, our code generates a word cloud of the headlines. Each tag revolves around a central point, conveying a sense of news and information transfer around the globe. People could get a sense of the key topics at a glance as they walk by BCNM commons.

World Cloud is designed to be a night-only installation with minimum human intervention and maintenance. It can be installed separately from any other art installation that is on display at Commons. We prefer to project the word cloud on the walls and ceiling of the cafe. Although a projection on the walls of BCNM commons is also visually pleasing.


Source Code

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