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Faculty Advising

IEOR and ORMS undergraduate students are assigned to faculty advisors in the IEOR department. Before the enrolling period for each semester, students meet with their faculty advisors to discuss their tentative schedule of classes.

You need to prepare a tentative list of courses and degree check to bring it to the meeting.  Make an initial selection of courses and then during the advising session you will discuss your course selection for next semester with your faculty advisor to make sure:

  • You will be able to manage the course contents and the course load.
  • You take at least 2 appropriate technical courses and they must be taken for grade.
  • The number of units is higher than the minimum required (12 units if you are not working). (Note that normal progress requires 30 units of completed course work each year.)
  • Your whole curriculum is acceptable and that you are on schedule to graduate on time, i.e. you are not missing courses which would delay your graduation.
  • You choose the right technical electives based on your interests.
  • You get answers to questions regarding, grades, research opportunities, minors, job prospects etc.

After the advising process, you can register for courses through CalCentral at your designated appointment time.

IEOR students

  • Enrollment for classes for Spring 2018 will begin on October 16th.
  • The schedule of classes will be available on CalCentral on October 1st.
  • The tentative schedule of classes can be found here.
  • Undergraduate faculty advising has been scheduled from October 2nd to October 6th.
  • Faculty will post the sign-up sheet on their door on or before September 29th.

You have a large range of courses from which to choose, and creating your class schedule will take some organization. IEOR students must meet with their faculty advisor.

  • Your faculty advisor is listed here. (You can find out where your advisor's office is located by looking them up on the faculty page.)
  • Bring to your faculty advisor meeting a filled-out degree worksheet appropriate for your year with you.
  • Please plan your schedule prior to meeting with your faculty advisor.

NOTES: IND ENG 161:  The course number changed to IND ENG 173.  Students will not receive credit for IND ENG 173 after taking IND ENG 161.

ORMS students

Faculty Advising Week has been scheduled from Monday, October 2nd to October 6th.

You have a large range of courses from which to choose, and creating your class schedule will take some organization. ORMS students must meet with your faculty advisor in order to select your concentration.

The Faculty Advisor for ORMS is Rhonda Righter.

It is your responsibility to consult with your faculty advisor regarding the appropriateness of your program. IEOR students should be sure to report any changes to your technical program to your Student Advisor in 230 Bechtel. ORMS students should report any changes to the student services office in 4145 Etcheverry.

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Alpha Pi Mu

Alpha Pi Mu is the honor society for Industrial Engineers. UC Berkeley's chapter of Alpha Pi Mu represents the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research department at UC Berkeley. Every semester they have a number of different events, from study groups to company information sessions to bonding activities like bowling and rock climbing. Visit the Alpha Pi Mu website to learn more.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Supports the academic mission of the University by providing comprehensive counseling services to assist students with a variety of concerns including academic success, life management, career and life planning, and personal growth and development. See also Social Services. All UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff are eligible for CAS, regardless of their insurance coverage.

Institute of Industrial Systems and Engineering

IIE is the world's largest professional organization supporting individuals involved with industrial engineering. Industrial and systems engineers make things better in any industry — from automobile manufacturing and aerospace, to healthcare, forestry, finance, leisure, and education. The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, founded in 1948, helps its members improve complex organizations around the world and across industries. Throughout their careers, members turn to IISE for tools and connections that provide an integrated and systemic perspective to business challenges. Solving complex problems is our common objective.

Computer Labs and Assistance

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research has one computer laboratory for IEOR Undergraduate students: PC Lab Etcheverry 1173

The PC Laboratory is open to all students with a valid card-key AND an IEOR MS Windows domain account.

The PC Laboratory is a teaching laboratory. This means that at various times it will be reserved specifically for a class. Notices will be posted outside the door showing the hours reserved for the current week and the week immediately to follow.

Apply for Lab Account

Free Software

Free software can be obtained by consulting the page:  http://software.berkeley.edu/ .