The Sutardja Center at CalDay: Discovering Entrepreneurship at Berkeley


CalDay is the perfect opportunity for potential new undergraduate students to get to know one of the most prestigious universities on the planet. This coming Saturday, April 16th, high school seniors, their families, and the already Cal-bound community will be participating in a series of events, exhibitions and lecture series that intend to depict what is it like to be a member of Berkeley: a community that never ceases to innovate, disrupt, and be curious enough to try and enact change that matters.

As one of the most important advocates on campus for this way of thinking, the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology will be hosting a series of interactive and informative events to immerse the newcomers in what have been the Center’s most promising initiatives during the past few years. In fact, a significant part of the presentation will be hosting current Berkeley undergraduate and graduate Berkeley students who have been involved with the Center in a wide array of its Programs and have been able to execute ideas that have ultimately become promising ventures.

You are cordially invited to hear from current innovators that have decided to work at the edge of technological progress in projects ranging from Blockchain technology, that intends to revolutionize the global payment systems, to condensation methods that aim to produce drinking water out of thin air.

If you think that the understanding of technology and innovation will be crucial to solve most of the world’s biggest problems in the upcoming years, come on Saturday. You will see why Berkeley is the right place to be.

Please find the schedule below.

See you on Saturday!