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Aswani wins NSF CAREER award to study personalized disease management

The National Science Foundation has just announced that IEOR assistant professor Anil Aswani will receive a CAREER award of $500,000 to investigate personalized chronic disease management starting in fiscal year 2019. This Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) award will contribute to the advancement of the national health and welfare by designing effective data-driven methods…

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Hochbaum To Research New Techniques To Enhance Monitoring And Quality Control

IEOR Professor Dorit Hochbaum has just been awarded $400,000 by the National Science Foundation to investigate new techniques aiming to reduce manufacturing costs and enhance quality. Besides reducing costs, applications of the research aim to improve societal welfare with broad applications such as enhancing public health, and detecting spam online. Title: Prediction, quality control and data analysis…

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IEOR researchers receive NSF funding to investigate power systems

Alper Atamturk Javad Lavaei IEOR professors Javad Lavaei and Alper Atamturk have been awarded $360,000 in funding by the National Science Foundation to investigate computational methods for mixed-integer programs in power systems. The research will take place from 2018-2021. Title:  Computational Methods for Mixed-Integer Programs in Power Systems Abstract:  The goal of this project is to design…

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Ken Goldberg And Pieter Abbeel Awarded $1.3M NSF National Robotics Initiative Award

IEOR professors Ken Goldberg and Pieter Abbeel, and UC Berkeley professors Anca Dragan and Stuart Russell, have been awarded the NSF National Robotics Initiative Award for their research in scalable collaborative human-robot learning.  Their project will be funded at $1,374,893 over the course of three years for research in scalable robot manipulation through human immitation.  The…

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