Apurva Arni reflects on her internship at Tesla

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Apurva Arni at Tesla
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Job Title: Technical Project Manager Intern
Company: Tesla

My internship focuses on optimizing ocean logistics for inbound shipments to reduce container storage costs at various ports across the United States. Throughout this project, I have utilized languages such as SQL and Python, which were integral parts of my coursework in the first semester. Courses like Applications in Data Analysis, Optimization Analytics, and Relational Database Management Systems have equipped me with the necessary skills to analyze and create solutions for Tesla's challenges.

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to identify data discrepancies and collaborate with multiple teams cross-functionally to mitigate the data issues. This experience helped me resolve approximately 52% of the incorrect data in one of the data source platforms.

The most valuable skill I have gained from my internship is technical project management. Collaborating cross-functionally with tech teams, automating processes using data, and optimizing containers to deliver production parts to destination locations are crucial aspects of my role.