Department Financial Resources

PO Purchase Request Form

Purchase order or Vendor payment request can be used to receive a reimbursement for expenses paid for by the IEOR Department. Fill out the form above and make sure to have the original copy of the receipt with you.

Foreign Travel Reimbursement Request

Travelers should only claim ACTUAL travel expenses (eg. subsistence and lodging) up to the per diem rate.

Entertainment Reimbursement or Vendor Payment Request

Include a detailed business purpose with your request. Fill out total amount and number of attendees first to prevent dialogue. 

Local and Domestic Travel Reimbursement Request

This form is for traveling within the continental United States and NOT for international travel. Please submit reimbursement request electronically via ERSO's intranet system at

Misc. (Supplies) Reimb. Request

This form is for the reimbursement of miscellaneous supplies and expenses (materials) only. Please use the Travel or Entertainment (Meal) forms for reimbursement of transportation and food related expenses. A bona fide campus business purpose must be provided. Original, itemized receipts required for ALL expenses. Please include receipts showing method of payment. Name on receipts must match requester's name. Kindly redact personal information (home address, cell phone #, account numbers, etc). 

Please submit reimbursement request electronically via ERSO's intranet system at or BearBuy's Payment Request Form.