Professor Shmuel Oren Will Present A Public Workshop At The Annual International Conference – Electricity 2016

Professor Shmuel Oren will present a public workshop at the Annual International Conference – Electricity 2016 to be held in Eilat Israel November 8-11.

The workshop is titled:

New Frontiers in Electricity Distribution Systems: Toward Democratizing the Grid

Smart energy business is aimed at harnessing new technologies and developing new business models that will empower and incentivize retail customer and independent power producers to engage in efficient consumption and participate in the production and storage of energy. Achieving this goal requires that energy be priced at the retail and wholesale level so as to reflect physical constraints and capabilities and eliminate cross subsidies that lead to market distortions. At the wholesale level we have witnessed over the last two decades major industry restructuring around the world that introduced market mechanisms in the procurement and dispatch of resources and transformed the transmission infrastructure into a common carrier facilitating competition among power producers. More recently, however, there has been a growing movement to “democratize” the grid by integrating into the supply mix distributed resources that operate at the distribution level or behind the meters.  Traditional consumers can now produce or store energy with rooftop PV panels and local batteries and can actively participate in load balancing and mitigation of uncertain supply from renewable resources by controlling their load profiles.    Hence consumers have become “prosumers” or “prostomers” and new market paradigms and business models are emerging that attempt to push some of the load balancing and risk management to the grid periphery.