Professor Lee Schruben Receives INFORMS Simulation Society Lifetime Professional Achievement Award


IEOR Professor Lee W. Schruben recently received the Lifetime Professional Achievement Award (LPAA) by the Institute of Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) Simulation Society, the highest honor given by the society. The award is given occasionally, at most once annually, to recognize major contributions to the field of simulation that are sustained over a professional career, with the critical consideration being the total impact of those contributions on computer simulation. Professor Schruben was the selected recipient for the 2017 year for his discoveries in designs of simulation experiments, optimization of simulation system response, and foundations of simulation modeling. (Previous winners can be found here.)

To be chosen for this accolade, an individual’s contribution must be related to research, practice, knowledge dissemination, software or hardware development, professional service, field status and/or visibility advancement. Professor Schruben, a UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Professor and a Fellow of INFORMS, has made significant contributions in all of the areas listed by the INFORMS Simulation Society.

Contributions to research
Schruben’s research contribution in the field of computer simulation is apparent through his research publications about numerous fundamental advances in the field of simulation. He is one of the few researchers who has received the I-Sim Outstanding publication Award multiple times.

Contributions to practice
Schruben was also involved in promoting and influencing the practice of simulation through his extensive collaboration with industry. He has been a consultant to over 20 government, private, and international organizations.

Dissemination of knowledge
Beyond publications, books, and consulting, another great impact is his extensive teaching history at Cornell and at UC Berkeley. Schruben has had a long and consistent record of promoting the field of simulation and molding the future leaders in the field of simulation.

Development of software and hardware
Schruben developed a simulation software called SIGMA. SIGMA is used in universities worldwide and was recognized as one of EDUCOM’s 101 Computing Education Success Stories.

Service to the profession
Schruben has held various official positions for TIMS College on Simulation and Gaming, the precursor to I-Sim. He has served in editorial positions at important scientific journals.

Advancement of the status or visibility of the field
Schruben’s rigorous early research papers established simulation as a field of scholarly academic research. He has been an international presence for decades and has promoted the field of simulation throughout the world.

Professor Schruben was selected for the 2017 Lifetime Professional Achievement Award by the Simulation Society for his excellence representing the field of simulation. His overwhelming accolades and presence in the field characterized him as an eminently worthy recipient of the LPAA. The full citation for the award can be downloaded here.

The INFORMS Simulation Society is organized and operated to encourage the development and dissemination of knowledge in the area of simulation and to promote communication and interaction among individuals and organizations who share an interest in simulation.

Prof. Schruben with wife Donna accepting the LPAA