Professor Ken Goldberg highlighted in The Economist


Professor Goldberg was highlighted in a recent article by The Economist on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Ken Goldberg and Vinod Kumar, the chief executive of Tata communications, created an optimistic report detailing the possible effects of AI on blue collar and white collar workers. Their report highlights the possibility of increasing job satisfaction by removing mundane tasks that impact productive work. They hope that AI can provide workers more time to be creative.

The report consists of surveys answered by 120 senior executives. About 77% of them believed that AI would increase the number of roles, rather than replace existing positions. Around 57% of respondents choose both options, that AI can produce more roles and take away others. They believe that the extra skills necessary to handle the new technology would bring in new roles. Many of them are proactively training their workforces.

Past technological advances like bar-code scanners and ATM machines freed up employees to work more efficiently and in a timely manner. Some jobs that could benefit from AI include truck driving.

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