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Ph.D. Dissertations - Stuart Dreyfus

Adaptive Optimization Models for Infrastructure Management

Pablo Durango [2002]

Auctioning and Bidding in Electronic Commerce: The Online Auction

Caroline Beam [1999]

Automatic Split Tree Application in Forecasting Consumer Credit Products Mail Solicitation Response

Ziun-Yih Yeh [1999]

Manufacturing Work Organization in the Semiconductor Industry: An Empirical Investigation of the Structure, Functioning, and Performance of Production Work Groups and Improvement Teams

Diane Bailey [1994]

Analog Computation, Artificial Neural Networks and Convex Quadratic

Sushil Verma [1994]

Input Feature Scaling Algorithm for Competitive-Learning-Based Cognitive Modeling with Two Applications

Choon Leem [1992]

An Improved Back Propatation Neural Network Learning Algorithm

Rua-Huan Tsaih [1991]

A Neural-Net Knowledge-Based System with Instance-Based Rules

Jongtae Rhee [1900]

Automated Identification of Tool Wear States in Machining Processes: An Application of Self-organizing Neural Networks

Laura Burke [1989]

Modeling and Analysis of Container Storage in Ports

Mounira Taleb-Ibrahimi [1989]