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Ph.D. Dissertations - Sadashiv Adiga

Manufacturing Work Organization in the Semiconductor Industry: An Empirical Investigation of the Structure, Functioning, and Performance of Production Work Groups and Improvement Teams

Diane Bailey [1994]

Predicting Cycle Time for a Software-Based Production System

Rosemarie Jergovic [1994]

Management of Cycle Time in Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication

Adeel Najmi [1993]

Input Feature Scaling Algorithm for Competitive-Learning-Based Cognitive Modeling with Two Applications

Choon Leem [1992]

An Empirical Investigation of the Determinants of Work Group Performance Using a Complex Simulated Production Planning Task

David Bowen [1992]

A Rule-Assisted Hypermedia System

Liff Stengaard [1991]

Corporate-Level Production Planning with Simulation Feedback of Parameters

Yi-Feng Hung [1991]

Managing Uncertainty in Release Decisions for Semiconductor Fabrication: A Fuzzy Logic Based Approach

Patrick Cogez [1991]

Real-Time Scheduling and Control for Machines with Changeovers in CIM

Kwangtae Park [1991]

A Neural-Net Knowledge-Based System with Instance-Based Rules

Jongtae Rhee [1990]

An Object-Oriented System for Knowledge-Based Production Scheduling

Woo-Tsong Lin [1990]

A Knowledge-based System Approach to Assigning Classes to Rooms

Francine Epstein [1989]

Automated Identification of Tool Wear States in Machining Processes: An Application of Self-organizing Neural Networks

Laura Burke [1989]