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Ph.D. Dissertations - Roger C. Glassey

Exploiting Separable Structures to Accelerate Learning Before Doing and Learning By Doing in Production

David Moore [2003]

The Multiple Intervention Problem: An Application to Preventing Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Injection Drug Users

Amy Wilson [2000]

Advanced Semiconductor Production Planning

Vincent Lin [1999]

Coping with Product Variety in Automobile Assembly: A Study of the Manufacturing Chain and Final Assembly Line Operations at Two North American Manufacturers

Thomas Nitsch [1999]

Incremental Production Planning for the Semiconductor Industry Using Linear Programming

Robert Benson [1999]

Automatic Split Tree Application in Forecasting Consumer Credit Products Mail Solicitation Response

Ziun-Yih Yeh [1999]

Equipment Acquisition Planning in the Semiconductor Industry- Considering Learning Effects in Equipment Efficiency

Ting-Yun Liu [1998]

Integration of Environmental Factors in Manufacturing Modeling for Environmentally-conscious Product, Process and Facility Planning and Design, with Applications to Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Paul Worhach [1997]

Stochastic Water Fabrication Scheduling

Youxun Shen [1997]

A Method for Target Scheduling for Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Based on Event-Based Optimization Modeling and Discrete Event Simulation

Jeenyoung Kang [1996]

Shop Floor Scheduling of Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Using Real-Time Feedback Control and Predictions

Chun-Yi Lin [1996]

Empirical Techniques for Analyzing Organizations: An Examination of the Semiconductor Industry

Linda Sattler [1995]

Multi-Family, Multi-Item Lot Scheduling on Non-homogeneous Machines

Bahram Ghajarrahimi [1994]

A Modular Production Planning System for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Chihwei Liu [1992]

An Aggregate Planning Model Considering Processing Time

Maged Dessouky [1992]

Management of Cycle Time in Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication

Adeel Najmi [1992]

Short-Term Scheduling of Semiconductor Burn-In

Wei-Chih Weng [1992]

Shop Floor Control in Wafer Fabs Using Predictions and Pricing

Raja Petrakian [1991]

An Extension of Levenberg-Marquardt Method for Unconstrained Optimization

Toshiya Ando [1989]

Short-term Production Planning of Multi-stage Processing Lines

Jong Kim [1989]