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Ph.D. Dissertations - Richard E. Barlow

Fair Congestion Control Protocols for the Internet

Jeonghoon Mo [1999]

Physical and Mathematical Foundations of Probabilistic Engineering Design With Application to Rotors

John Shortle [1996]

Improving Poisson Approximations and Bounds

Erol Pekoz [1995]

Continuous Time Models of the Reporting and Cost Process of Insurance Claims

Giuseppe Russo [1995]

Product and Process Design with Engineering-Based Statistical Models

Stephen Chick [1995]

Bayesian Probability Modeling for Engineering Applications

Suneung Ahn [1995]

Probability Applications in Engineering

Pei-Sung Tsai [1994]

Modelling Survey Response with Repeated Interviewing Attempts

Margaret Lin [1993]

Bayesian Parametric Models for Lifetimes from a Subjectivistic Viewpoint Model Construction and Characterizations of Aging

Yu Hayakawa [1992]

The Self-Organizing List and Processor Problems under Randomized Policies

Thanet Makjamroen [1991]

Computing Probabilities for Probabilistic Influence Diagrams

Chiuh-Cheng Chyu [1990]

Modeling, Information Extraction and Decision Making A Bayesian Approach to Some Engineering Problems

Telba Irony [1990]

The Influence of Human Errors on Nuclear Incidents

Hee Yang [1989]

Predicting Risk Reduction of Aircraft Collision Avoidance Systems

Koushik Datta [1989]