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Ph.D. Dissertations - Philip M. Kaminsky

Barter Exchange: Modeling, Analysis, and Participant's Strategy

Zhao Min [2017]

Centralized and Decentralized Warehouse Logistics Collaboration

Shiman Ding [2017]

Combining Retrospective Optimization and Gradient Search for Supply Chain Optimization

Stewart Liu [2017]

Inventory Models Motivated by Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Yang Wang [2017]

Mixed 0-1 conic quadratic optimization: formulations, convex relaxations and algorithms

Andres Gomez-Escobar [2017]

Submodular Inequalities for the Path Structures of the Capacitated Fixed-Charge Network Flow Problems

Birce Tezel [2017]

Dynamic Facility Relocation and Inventory Management for Disaster Relief

Amber Richter [2016]

Essays on Service Operations Systems: Incentives, Information Asymmetries and Bounded Rationalities

Qiaochu He [2016]

Binary Conic Quadratic Knapsacks

Avinash Bhardwaj [2015]

Data-driven Approaches to Flexible Systems Design

Long He [2015]

Design and Management of Networked Energy and Logistics Systems

Wei Qi [2015]

Game Theory Applications in Socially Responsible Operations and Operations-Marketing Interface

Chen-Nan Liao [2015]

Managing Uncertainty in Multi-Product Supply Chains: Inventory and Production Strategies

Kai-Chuan Yang [2015]

Production Planning and Inventory Control in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

Dan Bu [2015]

Design for Environment: opportunities in supply chain network and product design

Yifen Chen [2013]

Process Flexibility Design in Unbalanced and Asymmetric Networks

Tianhu Deng [2013]

Initial Production Capacity Investments for Commercializing Pharmaceutical Products

Ming Yuen [2012]

Optimizing a Retailer's Containerized Import Supply Chain

Evan Davidson [2012]

Coupling Renewable Energy Supply with Deferrable Demand

Anthony Papavasiliou [2011]

Optimal Policy Structures of Stochastic Supply Chains with Outsourced Logistics Agreements

Osman Alper [2010]

Adaptive Simulation Model Enrichment in the Context of Ranking and Selection Decision Making for Service Operations

Elham Yavari [2009]

Optimal Planning in Biopharmaceutical Supply Chains

Lenrick Johnston [2009]

Individual Optimality and its Application in the Control of Queuein Systems

Jung-Hyun Kim [2008]

Combined Make-to-Order/Make-to-Stock Production Systems in Supply Chains

Onur Kaya [2006]

Essays on Consumer Heterogeneity and Optimal Stochastic Resource Allocation

Maria Mayorga [2006]

The effect of inter-temporal demand interactions on joint pricing and inventory ordering

Mehmet Gumus [2006]

Design and Analysis of Algorithms for Due Date Quotation

Zu-Hsu Lee [2003]

Effects of Demand Uncertainty on Equilibrium of Prices and Quantities in a Competitive Market

Muruvvet Celikbas [2002]

Just-in-Time Scheduling with Inventory Holding Costs

Kerem Bulbul [2002]