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Ph.D. Dissertations - Lee W. Schruben

Partial Flexibility in Routing and Scheduling

Osman Akgun [2012]

Analysis of Sequential Stopping Rules for Simulation Experiments

Devaushi Singham [2010]

Adaptive Simulation Model Enrichment in the Context of Ranking and Selection Decision Making for Service Operations

Elham Yavari [2009]

Optimal Planning in Biopharmaceutical Supply Chains

Lenrick Johnston [2009]

Mathematical Programming Representations of Discrete-Event System Dynamics

Wai Chan [2005]

An Information Taxonomy for Discrete Event Simulations

Theresa Roeder [2004]

Integration of Speed Economics into Decision Technologies for Manufacturing Management

Shengwei Ding [2004]

Scheduling of Back-end Semiconductor Manufacturing

Payman Jula [2002]

Queueing Systems with Daily Cycles and Stochastic Demand with Uncertain Parameters

Andrew Ross [2001]