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Ph.D. Dissertations - J. G. Shanthikumar

A New Approach in Supply Chain Design: studies in reverse logistics and nonprofit settings

Gemma Berenguer-Falguera [2012]

Intertemporal pricing, supply chain design, and consumer behavior

Wenbo Cai [2012]

New approaches to robustness and learning in data-driven portfolio optimization

Gah-Yi Vahn [2012]

Online, Data Driven Learning Approaches in Operations Management Problems

Vivek Ramamurthy [2012]

Aspects of optimization with increasing concave stochastic order constraints

William Haskell [2011]

Risk Management in Biopharmaceutical Supply Chains

Yao Ma [2011]

Analysis of Sequential Stopping Rules for Simulation Experiments

Devaushi Singham [2010]

Decision Making under Uncertainty: Reliability and Incentive Compatibility

Tingting Cui [2010]

Nonparametric Optimization with Objective Operational Statistics

Lian Yu [2010]

The Binary Customer Satisfaction Model in Inventory and Queueing Systems

Justin Azadivar [2010]

The Marketing/Operations Management Interface: Toward a Science of Delivering Value

Shan Li [2010]

Topics in Modeling Uncertainty with Learning

Ankit Jain [2010]

Adaptive Simulation Model Enrichment in the Context of Ranking and Selection Decision Making for Service Operations

Elham Yavari [2009]

Decentralized Intensity Control and Optimal Risk Transfer

Peng Li [2009]

Essays on Consumer Heterogeneity and Optimal Stochastic Resource Allocation

Maria Mayorga [2006]

Robust Network Flow and Knapsack Polyhedra

Muhong Zhang [2006]

Stochastic Optimization with Model Ambiguity and Applications

Thaisiri Watewai [2006]

Inspection and Metrology Capacity Allocation in the Full Production and Ramp Phases of Semiconductor Manufacturing

Dadi Gudmundsson [2005]

Mathematical Programming Representations of Discrete-Event System Dynamics

Wai Chan [2005]

Valuation and Optimal Stategies for Swing Contract

Zegang Zhu [2005]

An Information Taxonomy for Discrete Event Simulations

Theresa Roeder [2004]

Design and Analysis of Algorithms for Due Date Quotation

Zu-Hsu Lee [2003]

Pricing the Internet: Theory and Tools

Jun Shu [2003]

Production, Pricing, and Contract Management in Supply Chains

Shiming Deng [2003]

Customer Forecasts and Supplier Commitment and Production Decisions in Supply Contract Relationships

Elizabeth Junqueira [2002]

Effects of Demand Uncertainty on Equilibrium of Prices and Quantities in a Competitive Market

Muruvvet Celikbas [2002]

Scheduling of Back-end Semiconductor Manufacturing

Payman Jula [2002]

Queueing Systems with Daily Cycles and Stochastic Demand with Uncertain Parameters

Andrew Ross [2001]

Admission Control with Incomplete Information

Kyle Lin [2000]

Design of Large-Scale Logistics Systems for Uncertain Environments

Alan Erera [2000]

Auctioning and Bidding in Electronic Commerce: The Online Auction

Caroline Beam [1999]

Fair Congestion Control Protocols for the Internet

Jeonghoon Mo [1999]

Financial Methods in Competitive Electricity Markets

Shijie Deng [1999]

Inspection Tool Selection and Capacity Allocation for In Line Process Control

Sung Lee [1999]

Optimal Control of Service Times for Mutli-Class Queues

Nahoya Takezawa [1999]

Pricing and Yield Management for an Effective Fabless-Foundry Partnership

Ruj Nasongkhla [1999]

Optimizing Semiconductor Fabrication Scheduling in the Face of Uncertainties

Chitchachornvanich Thawee [1998]

Production Planning and Pricing with Shared Capacity, Demand Uncertainty and Lead-Time-Sensitive Customers

Panupol Lerssrisuriya [1998]

Adaptive Sampling Strategies for Semiconductor Manufacturing

William Kuo [1997]

Markovian Quality Control for Multiple Processes under Capacity Constraints

Wooseung Jang [1997]

Stochastic Water Fabrication Scheduling

Youxun Shen [1997]

Shop Floor Scheduling of Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Using Real-Time Feedback Control and Predictions

Chun-Yi Lin [1996]

The Development and Use of In-line Yield Estimates in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Sean Cunningham [1995]

Light Traffic Approximations for Regenerative Queueing Processes

Chia-Li Wang [1994]

A Modular Production Planning System for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Chihwei Liu [1992]

Analysis of Discrete Queuing Network Models of Communication Systems

Couchen Wu [1992]

An Aggregate Planning Model Considering Processing Time

Maged Dessouky [1992]

Managing Uncertainty in Release Decisions for Semiconductor Fabrication: A Fuzzy Logic Based Approach

Patrick Cogez [1991]

Real-Time Scheduling and Control for Machines with Changeovers in CIM

Kwangtae Park [1991]

State Dependent Queues Versus Conventional Queues with Applications to Queuing Modeling

Xiang Zhang [1991]

The Self-Organizing List and Processor Problems under Randomized Policies

Thanet Makjamroen [1991]