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Ph.D. Dissertations - Alper Atamturk

Mixed 0-1 conic quadratic optimization: formulations, convex relaxations and algorithms

Andres Gomez-Escobar [2017]

Submodular Inequalities for the Path Structures of the Capacitated Fixed-Charge Network Flow Problems

Birce Tezel [2017]

Optimization and Design for Automation of Brachytherapy Delivery and Learning Robot-Assisted Surgical Sub-Tasks

Garg Animesh [2016]

Binary Conic Quadratic Knapsacks

Avinash Bhardwaj [2015]

Branch-and-Cut for Nonlinear Power Systems Problems

Chen Chen [2015]

Use and analysis of new optimization techniques for decision theory and data mining

Erick Moreno-Centeno [2010]

Flexible Transmission in the Smart Grid

Kory Hedman [2010]

Branch-and-Cut Algorithms for Conic Mixed-Integer Programming

Vishnu Narayanan [2008]

Robust Network Flow and Knapsack Polyhedra

Muhong Zhang [2006]

Planning and Optimization Algorithms for Image-Guided Medical Procedures

Ron Alterovitz [2006]

Algorithms, Models and Metrics for the Design of Workholding using Part Concavities

Kanakasabapathi Gopalakrishnan [2005]

Mathematical Programming Representations of Discrete-Event System Dynamics

Wai Chan [2005]

Designing Capacitated Survivable Networks: Polyhedral Analysis and Algorithms

Deepak Rajan [2004]

Polyhedral Approaches to Capacitated Fixed-Charge Network Flow Problems

Simge Kucukyavuz [2004]

Adaptive Optimization Models for Infrastructure Management

Pablo Durango [2002]

Queueing Systems with Daily Cycles and Stochastic Demand with Uncertain Parameters

Andrew Ross [2001]