Sutarda Center Lecturer and Industry Fellow
CEO of Adolene, Inc.

I am a world citizen and the founding CEO of an IoT (Internet of Things) company in Silicon Valley. My last company in the enterprise mobility and security space, Bitzer Mobile, was recently acquired by Oracle.My career was shaped in the high-tech industry having started or worked at seven companies and advising several dozen startups. I have distilled my knowledge and personal experiences in my writings and teaching to help guide entrepreneurs all over the world. I travel frequently to lecture on a variety of topics related to starting businesses and the life of an entrepreneur.I am a faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley where I teach entrepreneurship and strategy in the CET [Center of Entrepreneurship & Technology] and the Fung Institute of Engineering Leadership. I believe that entrepreneurship can be a powerful tool to alleviate poverty and extremism from the world and “Social Businesses” can fill the gap where public institutions often fall short.