Aram Sogomonian

Aram Sogomonian has been an active member of Senior Management Teams as a Risk professional since the mid 1990s. Aram's current responsibilities, as Vice President of Risk Management, include taking a lead role in the risk management activities for Edison Mission Group, a subsidiary of Edison International. He is a corporate officer, senior member of management at EMG and a member of the Risk Management Committee. The EMG Risk Group, managed by Aram, currently focuses on three Risk areas; Risk Analytics and Data Fundamentals, Deal Review and Commercial / Risk liaison, Middle Office and Credit Risk. In addition to the major responsibilities covered by these groups, Aram is responsible for coordinating the Enterprise Risk Management effort of EMG. Aram has been an active participant and contributor to CCRO group, since 2001, regarding: risk metrics, compliance and reporting, capital adequacy, credit risk and operational risk. Earlier in his career Aram was Senior Vice President and Global Head, Risk Management at Constellation Energy Group in Baltimore, Maryland; Chief Risk Officer at Pacificorp in Portland, Oregon; Vice President of Risk Management at Edison Source in Los Angeles, California. Aram also held various risk and analytical roles at Enron in Houston, Texas and Unocal in Los Angeles, California. Aram now lives in Hingham, MA with his wife Mary and their three children Aram Charles, Rafael and Enrico.