Advisory Board

IEOR Advisory Board

The IEOR Advisory Board (IAB) is a volunteer group of leaders from industry, government, academia, and the engineering profession who have a major influence on the IEOR field. Advisory Board members are strongly committed to maintaining and strengthening the excellence of the IEOR department at UC Berkeley so that it continues to be one of the best educational and research programs in the world.

The Advisory Board provides:

Areas of Research


The main IEOR office is located at 4141 Etcheverry Hall

Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

The IEOR Department offers three graduate degrees.  The paramount requirement of a Doctoral degree is the successful completion of a thesis on a subject within Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Research areas may include the investigation of the mathematical foundations of and computational methods for optimization or stochastic models, including risk analysis. Research also may be undertaken to develop methodologies for the design, planning, and/or control of systems in a variety of application domains.


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