Tzi-Kei Wong

What was your first job ever?
IBM, Staff Engineer responsible for implementing global logistics operations and optimizing finished goods inventory across JIT distribution centers.

What are you currently working on?
Heading up marketing analytics and platform strategy for BrightEdge.

Cathleen Vasquez

After graduating with an B.S. in IEOR in May 2007, I began working with Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) in Everett, Washington as an Industrial Engineer under the 767 & 747 Airplane Programs. I have been at Boeing for two years, working with the Seal, Functional Test and Paint organization in scheduling, resource and capacity management and forecasting/budgets. Other areas that IE's in BCA are involved in are Lean +, Boeing Production System, Six Sigma, Value Stream Mapping as well as manufacturing concepts such as just-in-time, kanban, kaizen, 5S, etc.

Elaine Dang

I am starting my 6th week of teaching Geometry to mostly juniors and seniors at Crownpoint High School. Before my 6 weeks here in New Mexico, I was in Phoenix for Teach For America's institute which is an intensive training program crams the basics of teaching and the TFA program in only 5 weeks! Institute has been, by far, one of the most intense experiences of my life. I don't think I have ever experienced such a lack of sleep for such a long time period. Although, I do miss the ninth graders I had the honor of teaching there, I am very happy that I am in New Mexico.

Yue Tu

I recently started work at PG&E in the Energy Procurement department. It is a rotation program where I've the opportunity to work in different functions of the procurement process. My first rotation is working in integrated resource planning where I am working on several different projects regarding the reliability, cost and emission factors with renewable resources in light of AB-32 also known Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. Much of the analysis that I run uses methodology learned from core IEOR courses.

Erin Palermo

As an energy consultant with Navigant Consulting, I use my IEOR degree almost every day.  A recent project involved risk analysis of deferring transmission and distribution network upgrades with a utility's targeted demand-side management program.  I ran Monte Carlo simulations to determine the likely range of capacity deficit or excess in congested networks after deploying energy efficiency measures.  This helped the utility determine how long they can defer making costly network capacity upgrades.

Ron Laurie

I'm a 1964 UC-Berkeley engineering grad with an IEOR major, and since graduation my professional life has followed a path that I never could have predicted but that in retrospect seems to make sense (sort of).  While at Berkeley, I worked as a systems engineer at Lockheed/Sunnyvale on a work-study program,  After graduation, I went to law school and then worked as a patent attorney and intellectual property strategist at several large law firms, ultimately ending up handling the IP aspects of over $50B worth of corporate M&A (mergers and acquisitions) transactions.

IEOR Student Organizations

Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)

IIE is the world's largest professional organization supporting individuals involved with industrial engineering. Founded in 1948, it links over 15,000 members from 280 chapters and offers publications as well as educational, professional development, and training programs to foster advancement in the field.

Professional Programs

Professional Programs

Master of Engineering (MEng) part-time and evening programs

Are you looking to increase your leadership skills and technical expertise, but have limited time?  The part-time decelerated and part-time evening Master of Engineering (MEng) applied degree combines business-oriented coursework with applications-focused industrial engineering and operations research courses. It is intended to prepare students for professional practice.  


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