1. When is the Faculty Advising Period?

    For IEOR, faculty advising period for Fall is typically the second week of April. 

    For ORMS, you will be contacted by Professor Righter directly during the second week of April.

    Twice a year (in the second week of April for fall semester and second week of October for spring semester), you will receive an email from the department reminding you of the Faculty Advising Period. During this week, you are required to meet with your Faculty Advisor for approval of your course schedule and concentration so you can register for classes for next semester.

    Note: To receive information from the IEOR Department, it is important that your email address is current on CalCentral.

  2. Where do you get the degree check form?

    IEOR Students: You can find your degree check online at: Degree Worksheets

    ORMS students, please pick up your degree check in 4145 Etcheverry Hall.

  3. Who is your faculty advisor?

    IEOR Undergraduate Advisor List

    For ORMS students, your advisor is Professor Righter.

  4. When do you meet your faculty advisor?

    You need to meet your advisor during the designated advising time period. The advising time period will be provided to you through email. Please make sure you sign up for an available time slot in the designated time period. Your advisor may not be able to meet with you after the designated time period, in which case your registration process could be jeopardized.

  5. How do you make an appointment with your faculty advisor?

    The faculty advisors will have a sign-up sheet posted next to their office doors. Make sure you put your name down for an appointment. Some faculty may also email students directly to schedule appointments.

  6. What exactly is the process of advising?

    You need to prepare a tentative list of courses and degree check to bring it to the meeting.  Make an initial selection of courses and then during the advising session you will discuss your course selection for next semester with your faculty advisor to make sure:

    1. You will be able to manage the course contents and the course load.
    2. You take at least 2 appropriate technical courses and they must be taken for grade.
    3. The number of units is higher than the minimum required (12 units if you are not working). (Note that normal progress requires 30 units of completed course work each year.)
    4. Your whole curriculum is acceptable and that you are on schedule to graduate on time, i.e. you are not missing courses which would delay your graduation.
    5. You choose the right technical electives based on your interests.
    6. You get answers to questions regarding, grades, research opportunities, minors, job prospects etc.

    After the advising process, you can register for courses through CalCentral at your designated appointment time.


Important: It is your responsibility to consult with your faculty advisor regarding the appropriateness of your program. IEOR students should be sure to report any changes to your technical program to your Student Advisor in 230 Bechtel. ORMS students should report any changes to the student services office in 4145 Etcheverry.