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Principles of Engineering Economics

E 120 - (3 units)

Economic analysis for engineering decision making: Capital flows, effect of time and interest rate. Different methods of evaluating of alternatives. Minimum-cost life and replacement analysis. Depreciation and taxes. Uncertainty: preference under risk; decision analysis. Capital sources and their effects. Economic studies.

IEOR 24 - Freshman Seminars

E 120 - (1 unit)

Designed to provide new students with the opportunity to explore an intellectual topic with a faculty member in a small-seminar setting.

IEOR 115 - Industrial and Commercial Data Systems

E 120 - (3 units)

Design and implement databases, with an emphasis on industrial and commercial applications.

IEOR 130 - Methods of Manufacturing Improvement

E 120 - (3 units)

Develop nalytical technique for the improvement of manufacturing performance along the dimensions of productivity, quality, customer service, and throughput. Yield analysis, process control, inspection sampling, equipment efficiency analysis, cycle time reduction, and on-time delivery improvement will be focused on. Applications on semiconductor manufacturing or other industrial settings