Announcing the Spring 2018 Grassi & MOR Fellows
November 20, 2017

The Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IEOR) has just announced the Grassi and Marshall-Oliver-Rosenberger (MOR) fellows for spring 2018.

Grassi Fellow

Erik Bertelli has been named the Grassi fellow. Erik is a third year Ph.D. student working with Professor Candace Yano. So far, his research has focused on hospital operating room scheduling and inventory management for technology firms. Erik's future work is focused on inventory control for technology firms with uncertain warranty obligations. He hopes to account for product trade in and corporate recycling programs in order to limit the firm's risk and reduce it's environmental footprint. 


Marshall-Oliver-Rosenberger Fellow

Tianyi Lin has been named the Marshall-Oliver-Rosenberger fellow. Tianyi is a second year Ph.D. student under the supervision of Prof. Xin Guo. Tianyi's research focuses on the intersection of optimization and game theory. One of his primary recent works, jointly with Prof. Guo, Johnny Hong and Nan Yang, is to develop the theoretical guarantee for relaxed Wasserstein divergence and its application to deep learning and image processing. Tianyi is also interested in control theory and nonlinear partial differential equations.



Both fellows will have their tuition and fees covered for the spring 2018 semester and will receive an additional stipend to help them stay focused on research.

The Grassi Fellowship is named for Raymond C. Grassi (1918-2007), one of the founding professors for the Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research at UC Berkeley.

The Marshall-Oliver-Rosenberger fellowship is named for Kneale T. Marshall, Bob Oliver, and Larry Rosenberger. Kneale T. Marshall received his PhD in Operations Research from UC Berkeley in 1966, Bob Oliver is Professor Emeritus for the IEOR department, and Larry Rosenberger received an M.S. in Operations Research from UC Berkeley in 1974, and current serves as a research fellow for FICO and advisor for the IEOR department.