Date posted: 12/02/15

Congratulations to Professor Righter for being named program co-chair for the European Conference on Queueing Theory (ECQT).  The goal of the conference is to connect scientists and technicians to facilitate the exchange of ideas, theory, and applications in Queueing Theory — the mathematical study of waiting times (queues).  


Date posted: 11/24/15

The DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING & OPERATIONS RESEARCH (IEOR) at University of California, Berkeley is conducting a search for candidates for a tenure-track faculty position at the Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor level. The expected start date is July 1, 2016.

Date posted: 11/05/15

Professor Alper Atamturk was a speaker at the annual INFORMS conference held this year in Philadelphia from November 1-4.  At the conference, Alper delivered his keynote titled "Conic Integer Optimization" (abstract below).

Date posted: 10/28/15

Over 80 people gathered today in the newly built Jacobs Hall, which recently opened its doors in Fall 2015 as the new home of the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, to announce a partnership between the Sutardja Center and the Jacobs Institute. By combining the Sutardja Center’s expertise in techno-centric entrepreneurship and the Jacobs Institute’s knowledge of user experience and design, the collaboration hopes to achieve more innovative project outcomes for students and partners.

Date posted: 10/08/15

IEOR is proud to welcome Javad Lavaei to the faculty this year. Javad’s work in control theory, optimization, and power will be critical to addressing one of the biggest challenges for our future: How can we best meet the power demands for our planet? Currently, most energy is generated from fossil fuels — a limited resource and large contributor to global climate change. Supplanting fossil fuel sources with renewable energy is a big part of the solution, but for Javad, the answer begins with conserving energy by delivering power to consumers more efficiently.

Date posted: 09/30/15

Professor Shmuel S. Oren and Professor Javad Lavaei of the IEOR department at UC Berkeley received a 50K grant from The Siebel Energy Institute for their proposed work on "High Performance Computational Methods for Maximizing Efficiency, Reliability and Resiliency of Power Systems."

Date posted: 09/28/15

Congratulations to Shmuel and alum Tony Papavasiliou for winning the INFORMS Section on Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment (ENRE) Best Publication Award for 2015 for their paper "Multi-Area Stochastic Unit Commitment for High Wind Penetration in a Transmission Constrained Network".






Date posted: 09/24/15

Professor Lee Schruben was the keynote speaker at the 2015 Biomanufacturing and Process Development (BPD) Process Analytics Symposium hosted by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center where he delivered his talk titled "The Dastardly D's of Data".

Date posted: 09/24/15

What’s it like keeping users safe on the world’s largest social media network?

Alex Stamos, Chief Security Officer at Facebook, joined The Sutardja Center’s Newton Lecture Series to discuss entrepreneurship and the modern challenges of cybersecurity in a fireside chat with UC Berkeley Professor Vern Paxson.