Cockroaches inspire life-saving robots

By Eugene Pang | February 12, 2016

The cockroach — elusive, prolific, and disgusting. Most would be happy to never see the little pest again. But what if cockroaches, (or what we can learn from them), could actually help humanity? That is the idea behind research being published…

Spring 2016 Engineering Commencement Announcement

By Eugene Pang | February 11, 2016

The UC Berkeley College of Engineering has announced that the spring 2016 commencement ceremony will take place on Monday, May 16. The undergraduate ceremony will start at 9 a.m. and the masters and Ph.D. ceremonies will begin at 2 p.m. Online registration for graduates begins…

Ben Horowitz Talks Honesty, Failure, and Secrets

By Eugene Pang | February 8, 2016

Be honest with yourself and others (i.e. don’t just say what you think others want to hear). Work hard on a problem to reveal its secrets. Failure is an essential part of the innovation process — but make only new…

Shmuel Oren Elected To National Academy Of Engineering

By Eugene Pang | February 8, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Shmuel Oren, the Earl J. Isaac Professor in the Science and Analysis of Decision Making, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) for his contributions ‘to the integration of decisions and cooperative market mechanisms for adaptive multisource…

Etcheverry Renovations Update

By Eugene Pang | January 22, 2016

Etcheverry Renovations Update Keith McAleer January 22, 2016 The first phase of our Etcheverry renovations campaign is nearly complete! The goal of the campaign is to upgrade the environment in Etcheverry Hall to make it easier for everyone to collaborate, work, and…

Operations Research Analyst One Of The Most Popular STEM Jobs For Women

By Eugene Pang | January 13, 2016

According to an analysis published in a recent article in USA Today, operations research analyst ranks as the #3 most popular STEM job for women after health services manager and psychologist. Read more at

CalDay T-Shirt Design Contest

By Eugene Pang | January 11, 2016

IEOR is having a design contest to help IEOR create t-shirts for CalDay 2016, UC Berkeley’s annual open house. Participants will create a design for the front and back of the shirt. T-shirt designs may focus on any aspect of IEOR (What…

Prof. Ikhlaq Sidhu to Help Develop Chile’s New Engineering Economy

By Eugene Pang | January 4, 2016

Prof. Ikhlaq Sidhu to Help Develop Chile’s New Engineering Economy Keith McAleer January 4, 2016 Prof. Ikhlaq Sidhu of IEOR and Chief Scientist/Founding Director of the Sutardja Center has been invited to serve on International Advisory Board (IAB) of the…

Sutardja Center Alums Create “Prynt”, A Polaroid Printing Smartphone Case

By Eugene Pang | December 18, 2015

Prynt, a San Francisco-based startup founded by two graduates of a Berkeley Engineering entrepreneurship program, is bringing instant print photography to smartphones. The grads designed a smartphone case equipped with a built-in mini-printer, for printing digital photos on the go.…