Date posted: 11/07/17

On Thursday November 2nd, over 90 IEOR alumni, faculty, and staff members reunited with great food and inspiring speakers. IEOR alums from various backgrounds and professions such as professors, CEOs, engineers, and analysts came together for the first time since 2015. 

The night started with delicious refreshments and networking. Followed by four amazing IEOR alumni speakers.

Date posted: 10/03/17

Students in the A. Richard Newton Lecture Series attended a fireside chat last week with Cal alumni and Kenneth Priestly Leadership Award recipient Ryan Panchadsaram. Since graduating ten years ago, Panchadsaram’s career has taken him many different places, from working at Microsoft to launching his own healthcare startup to advising the president of the United States. During his talk, Panchadsaram spoke about his time at Cal and early career as well as the lessons he picked up along the way.

Date posted: 09/13/17
  • Please note that if you have DACA, and your permit is set to expire between September 5, 2017, and March 5, 2018, you may apply for a two-year renewal. You must apply for renewal no later than October 5, 2017.

The following message is from the University of California Office of the President:

We write today to share urgent news for those in our community who are in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Date posted: 09/11/17

Today, the New York Times featured research being conducted at the UC Berkeley Laboratory for Automation Science and Engineering (AUTOLAB) led by IEOR Professor Ken Goldberg. AUTOLAB is breaking new ground in the area of robot grasping by helping robots teach themselves to reliably grasp irregularly-shaped objects that they have never encountered before. The robot uses a neural network to analyze a cloud database of seven million 3D objects in order to teach itself the best way to pick up new objects automatically.

Date posted: 09/05/17

The UC Berkeley Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership has just announced a new concentration for IEOR master of engineering students focused on financial technology (FinTech). The concentration will help meet the large and growing demand for FinTech workers in banking, consulting, and technology companies. The FinTech concentration equips students with skills in machine learning and data analytics with an emphasis on financial time-series analysis. 

Date posted: 09/05/17

The Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IEOR) has just announced the Grassi and Marshall-Oliver-Rosenberger fellows for 2017.

Date posted: 08/29/17

IEOR Professor Robert C. Leachman will be a keynote speaker at the 47th International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering (“CIE 47”), held in Lisbon, Portugal, October 11-13, 2017. Rob will be delivering a lecture entitled “The Engineering of Speed.” For details, see


Date posted: 08/24/17

The Department of Indusrial Engineering & Operations Research is delighted to announce that Professors Pieter Abbeel and Michael Jordan, two of the best-known experts in machine learning, have been appointed as joint faculty in IEOR in addition to their primary appointments in EECS (and Statistics for Jordan).

"Profs. Abbeel and Jordan are terrific colleagues that bring extremely valuable perspectives to our interests in robotics, automation, machine learning, and data science," states Ken Goldberg, Chair of IEOR.

Date posted: 08/21/17

IEOR professors Ken Goldberg and Pieter Abbeel, and UC Berkeley professors Anca Dragan and Stuart Russell, have been awarded the NSF National Robotics Initiative Award for their research in scalable collaborative human-robot learning.