Volunteers make Cal Day a success
April 24, 2017

IEOR students Theresia Wangke, Katie Chang, Aditya Tyagi, Briana Niu, and Jessica Lin leading the IEOR information table in the Etcheverry breezeway

More than forty students volunteered their Saturday to talk to prospective students, families, and visitors from all over the globe for Cal Day, the University of California, Berkeley's annual open house event.

At the main table in the Etcheverry breezeway, students ran the "IEOR Machine Learning for Automation" program which helped visitors understand what IEOR is, what grads do, and what it is like to be in the major at Berkeley. (They also gave out thousands of jelly beans, hundreds of informational flyers, and dozens of IEOR stickers to guests.)

Inside Etcheverry Hall, Professor Ken Goldberg led the "Introduction to the IEOR Major" information session, which helped parents and prospective students get an overview of the major requirements and experience. Volunteers also supported this effort by being available to answer questions from the student perspective.

Later, nearly forty kids and parents joined IEOR for "Jelly Bean Math Games" which were led and designed by undergraduates Taylor Lyberger and Sharon Cui. Kids were put to work making IEOR-branded jelly bean bags in a simulated production line. Besides the fun competition-based format, the game also showed the importance of production design and how specializing labor can increase overall productivity.

Downstairs in the Berkeley Lab for Automation Science and Engineering (AUTOLAB), volunteers helped visitors engage with robots and other automation technology to demonstrate the lab's work with computer-assisted surgery, robot grasping, precision irrigation, and other research.

Behind the scenes, IEOR communications volunteers helped with the marketing of the event. Ebru Kaşıkaralar designed the IEOR Cal Day poster, and Camille Stuczynski, Lucie Kresl, Nicky Lofgren, and others on the social media team helped lead the first Snapchat story for IEOR to highlight the day's events.

Thanks to all the volunteers that make this day a success!

  • Stella Bao, Sequoia Beckman, Nicole Benun, Ron Berenstein, Katie Chang, Carolyn Chen, Sharon Cui, Roy Fox, Garrett Go, Aimee Goncalves, Meng Guo, Vivian Hsieh, Wesley Jin, Kenny Johng, Parisa Khorram, Lucie Kresl, Sanjay Krishnan, Ethan Kuo, Michael Laskey, Jonathan Lee, Jacky Liang, Jessica Lin, Vincent Liu, Taylor Lyberger, Emily Ma, Jeff Mahler, Matthew Matl, Tyler Maxey, Steve McKinley, Tanvi Mongia, Briana Niu, Eugene Pang, Jim Xinhe Ren, Sammy Staszak, Camille Stuczynski, Nan Tian, Aditya Tyagi, Chad Wakamiya, Theresia Wangke, Timothy Wong