Dorit Hochbaum's neuron segmentation algorithm leads Neurofinder benchmark
January 27, 2017

IEOR Professor Dorit Hochbaum's neuron segmenation algorithm HNCcorr is currently the leading algorithm in Neurofinder which tests algorithms to see which are best for identifying and tracking neurons in calcium imaging movies. Calcium imaging is currently the main technique neuroscientists use for measuring and analyzing populations of neurons.

However, currently it is quite difficult to automatically process and extract signals from the movie data, and typically most applications still require a person to manually analyze images to properly understand neuronal behavior.

The image above shows an example of a neuronal movie created with calcium imaging. Hochbaum's algorithm seeks to detect the neurons in the movie and track their behavior over time

Hochbaum's algorithm is called HNC (Hochbaum Normalized Cut) or NC', and works by measuring similarities based on distances in correlation space. This is joint work with Quico Spaen and Roberto Asin.

Learn more about Dorit's algorithm in the feature story of the recent IEOR alumni newsletter.