Date posted: 10/08/18

IEOR PhD student Salar Fattahi and EECS and ME assistant professor Somayeh Sojoudi have been selected as finalists for the INFORMS 2018 Data Mining Best Paper Award. Fattahi and Sojoudi will present their paper "Graphical Lasso and Thresholding: Equivalence and Closed-form Solutions" at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix.

The paper can be found here.

Date posted: 10/08/18

IEOR Professor Max Shen has been named a 2018 INFORMS Fellow.  INFORMS Fellows Awards are announced once per year, and are reserved for researchers that exemplify outstanding lifetime achievement

Date posted: 09/19/18

Professor Goldberg was highlighted in a recent article by The Economist on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Ken Goldberg and Vinod Kumar, the chief executive of Tata communications, created an optimistic report detailing the possible effects of AI on blue collar and white collar workers. Their report highlights the possibility of increasing job satisfaction by removing mundane tasks that impact productive work. They hope that AI can provide workers more time to be creative. 

Date posted: 09/07/18

George Dantzig is considered a founding father of industrial engineering and operations research, but one of his most incredible achievements took place while he was still a doctoral student at Berkeley. Arriving late to a statistics class, Dantzig scrawled down two problems written on the blackboard, thinking that they were a homework assignment. He solved the problems and handed them in, only to learn weeks later that these were not homework, but two famously unsolved statistics problems.

Date posted: 08/14/18

New data from from the California Employment Development Department projects operations research analyst positions to be among the fastest growing jobs in California, with an estimated 29.7% growth by 2026.

Read more and see the entire list at Sacramento Bee


Date posted: 08/07/18

IEOR professor Paul Grigas has just been awarded $290,060 by the National Science Foundation to improve operational decision-making by leveraging data and machine learning. Grigas will collaborate with Adam Elamchtoub from Columbia University to advance a new statistical learning framework called Smart "Predict, then Optimize" (SPO) which aims to improve optimization and prediction for better decis

Date posted: 08/06/18

The Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research is excited to announce Dr. Zeyu Zheng will be joining the IEOR department as an assistant professor starting in fall 2018.

“I feel excited to bridge operations research and data sciences, and to push data analytics methodologies to new heights. I can't think of a better environment than IEOR for this form of research.” 

Date posted: 08/06/18

The Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research is now hiring for Lecturers for the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology. The first review date is August 9. See the full requirements and job announcement here.


Date posted: 07/31/18

Ikhlaq Sidhu, professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research at the University of California, Berkeley, and faculty director and chief scientist at the UC Berkeley Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology has been awarded the 2018 Major Education Innovation Award by the IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) for his contributions in entrepreneurship pedagogy and innovative teaching methods.