Letter by Christopher Campbell, Class of ‘93

Christopher Campbell

Dear Alums and Friends,

I am reaching out to you with a special request. Today is Big Give, a 24-hour fundraising event dedicated to coming together as a Cal community and supporting the people, inspiring places, and life-changing programs at Berkeley. Today, I invite you to make a donation to support the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (Berkeley IEOR).

When I reflect on my days at Cal, I realize just how transformative my education was. Berkeley IEOR provided me and my classmates with a powerful curriculum that combined engineering, economics, and statistics. I remember the first time I applied IEOR principles to solve real-world challenges in optimizing manufacturing processes in my summer internship. These experiences didn’t just educate me; they shaped the way I think, paving the way for my career in finance and technology.

As alumni, our contributions represent a commitment to nurturing the next generation of thinkers and innovators, ensuring they have equal or greater opportunities. Our support not only shapes future leaders but also advances the field, especially during an era where artificial intelligence is reshaping our world. Our support provides resources and flexibility to propel the field forward and fuel unprecedented progress during a pivotal time of technological transformation. 

Today, on the 10th anniversary of Big Give, I ask that you join me in helping to protect and strengthen the academic excellence UC Berkeley is known for. Please consider making a gift today. Your generosity will fuel ongoing excellence and innovation at Berkeley IEOR.



Christopher Campbell ‘93


Support Berkeley IEOR for Big Give!

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