Letter by Caleb Bugg, PhD '22


Dear Alums and Friends,

My name is Caleb Bugg, and in honor of Big Give, I wanted to share with you why I'm proud to donate and support Berkeley IEOR.

I remember how thrilling it was when I first arrived on campus as a first-year Ph.D. student, I couldn’t wait for the journey ahead. Yet, this excitement was tempered by the reality of Berkeley's steep cost of living—a truth that made itself known with each visit to the grocery store and proved especially daunting when navigating housing in the Bay Area.

Fortunately, I was awarded the De Grassi Fellowship during my first year as a student, followed by invaluable support from the graduate student support fund, and a combination of other fellowships. These resources provided a sturdy foundation for my academic pursuits, allowing me to fully immerse myself in my studies and research. Along the way, I was incredibly fortunate to have mentors like professors Anil Aswani and Ken Goldberg, whose unwavering support helped shape my academic trajectory and broaden my perspectives.

Now, as I wrap up my final year of my postdoctoral fellowship at Georgia Tech, I find myself profoundly thankful to Berkeley IEOR for helping me pursue my passion. My current research centers on food and housing policies, utilizing mathematical models and resource allocation strategies to ensure equitable access to resources, especially among vulnerable groups. Specifically, I focus on the housing needs of young adults transitioning from foster care, aiming to tailor resource allocation approaches to their circumstances. In food policy, I address challenges faced by those experiencing food insecurity, aiming to enhance accessibility to nutritious options through mathematical modeling and resource allocation tactics.

Generous alumni played a pivotal role in supporting me during my student days, and now, as an alum myself, I want to do my part. I look forward to seeing Berkeley IEOR students become leaders and innovators, propelled by the exceptional education and support they receive at Cal. Contributing to their success is incredibly fulfilling, and I invite you to join me in celebrating the tenth anniversary of Big Give by donating to the Graduate Student Support Fund and supporting our talented students. Together, let's empower the next generation of leaders to make their mark on the world.



Caleb Bugg, PhD '22


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