Lee Schruben Keynote Speaker At BPD Process Analytics Symposium

Professor Lee Schruben was the keynote speaker at the 2015 Biomanufacturing and Process Development (BPD) Process Analytics Symposium hosted by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center where he delivered his talk titled “The Dastardly D’s of Data”.

Abstract: My working title for this presentation was “The A,B,C’s of Data Analytics”, but I got stuck at D; ultimately, I had to change the title. I had considered: Dynamic (data changes over time); Dependent (independent sampling, really?); Distorted (measurement and definition errors); Deluge (Big Noise); Doctored (robust estimation); Deleted (censoring); Dangerous (profiling); Damaged (translation and transmission losses); Discrete (two meanings); Distracting; Devious; Deceptive, Disingenuous… and we probably call it “data” because it’s Dated (old the instant it exists). Hopefully, the audience can suggest less disparaging data dimensions beginning with the letter D to help me move beyond my alliterative rut toward “Z-values”.