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  • Applications Open on October 1, 2021
  • Eligible applicants are undergraduate persons of color majoring in a STEM subject and returning to their undergraduate studies in the fall of 2022. See more below, must be at least a sophomore to apply.
  • Browne STEM Fellowship Overview & Application page
  • This page includes information about our partners and Marjorie Lee Browne in addition to details on the fellowship.
  • Early Application Deadline: Friday, January 15 – 11:59pm
  • Final Application Deadline: Friday, February 15 – 11:59pm

The Marjorie Lee Browne STEM Education Fellowship is the result of a partnership between Memphis Teacher Residency (MTR), Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM), and the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN. The fellowship is designed to:

  1. Inspire undergraduate persons of color to pursue careers in STEM education within underserved public schools in Memphis, TN
  2. Equip fellows with a historical perspective of The Civil Rights Movement, Christian faith, and their intersection with education
  3. Create pathways for underserved students to become scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and computer scientists


TO APPLY for the Browne STEM Fellowship, you must:

  • Be an undergraduate person of color enrolled in a four-year college/university, be at least a college sophomore, and not be graduating until after summer 2022 (If you are graduating before summer of 2022, please consider the residency instead.)
  • Be interested in STEM education, STEM major preferred. Strong math knowledge and math background. You do not have to be an education major to participate!
  • Have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher.
  • Have US Citizenship, Permanent Residency (Green Card) or DACA status
  • Be able to work the entire camp employment term of June 5 – July 2, 2022



DETAILS of the fellowship include: 

  • Four-week summer internship from June 5 to July 2, 2022
  • Serve as a Teaching Assistant and Counselor at a math-focused STEM camp for rising 7th graders who are passionate about math and science
  • Intensive pedagogical and content training through the Memphis Teacher Residency internship experience
  • Additional summer trainings on cultural competencies, the Civil Rights movement, faith, and the impact of all three on education
  • An end-of-summer dinner recognizing and honoring the recipients
  • $1,500 summer stipend, and $1,000 fellowship award.



Stella Anosike – Recruiter –

More About Memphis Teacher Residency 

Memphis Teacher Residency (MTR) recruits, trains, and supports effective teachers in a Christian context. MTR believes educational inequality is among the greatest social justice and civil rights issues of today. MTR offers 3 ways to get involved in the work of Equal Education: 1 job for college seniors and alumni and 2 paid summer internships for current college students.

Residency: For college graduates, we offer a 1-year residency program where residents teach with a mentor teacher (Mon-Ths), receive weekly coaching, and participate in Master of Urban Education coursework through Union University (Fri-Sat, 100% paid for by MTR). After the residency year, 3 years of teaching in an under-resourced partner neighborhood in Memphis are required. Coaching and additional support services are continued throughout the next 3 years. Learn more about the teacher residency at
MTR Camp: For college students returning to school in the fall, MTR Camp is a 6.5-week paid internship to get a taste for working towards equal education with elementary-aged students in Memphis. Learn more at
Marjorie Lee Browne STEM Fellowship: For college students of color with a STEM major or minor who will be returning to school in the fall, the Marjorie Lee Browne STEM Fellowship involves serving as a paid counselor and TA at a STEM Discovery camp for rising 7th graders in Memphis, TN for 4 weeks. Learn more at


MTR has been training teacher residents to serve students in under-resourced neighborhoods of Memphis, TN since 2009. Learn more about our program results at


Christian Love Expressed in Equal Education

As a response to the gospel mandate to love our neighbors as ourselves, MTR will partner to provide students in Memphis neighborhoods with the same, or better, quality of education as is available to any student in Memphis by recruiting, training, and supporting effective teachers within a Christian context.


Restored Communities Living with Dignity and in Peace

The vision of MTR is to use our specific work within education, in partnership with other holistic organizations, to help restore communities so that all individuals can become empowered contributors to our city and people of all races and classes can engage with one another in peace.