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Position Details

Job Code #: JC-316070

Position #(s): 275-630-4671-068

Working Title: Sovereign Analyst


$7,137.00 – $8,932.00

This position is eligible for a Charter Financial Analyst (CFA) pay differential. Permanent full-time employees who possess certification as a CFA may receive a 5% monthly base pay differential.

If selected as an Investment Officer II, you are eligible for an annual incentive award. The annual incentive opportunity is 0-10% of salary and is based on the level of achievement against several quantitative and qualitative measures.

 Shall Consider:


$3,898.00 – $4,878.00 A

$4,476.00 – $5,604.00 B

$5,183.00 – $6,487.00 C

$5,913.00 – $7,402.00 D

# of Positions: 1

Work Location: Sacramento County

Job Type: Permanent, Full Time

Job Description and Duties

This recruitment requires a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for the hiring manager’s review and completion of the Supplemental Questionnaire. Applications received without completing the SOQ will not be considered. Please scroll down to the Special Requirements section for more details. 

Our Global Fixed Income (GFI) group is currently seeking an Investment Officer I/II to perform investment analysis and research for Emerging Markets (EM) sovereign portfolios and drive our CalPERS mission.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Compose, maintain, update, produce and monitor daily, weekly, and ad hoc reports for the Emerging Market (EM) sovereign team and GFI using Aladdin, State Street, Bloomberg, and other sources addressing risk, performance, valuations, fundamental & technical analysis, ratings, and political development/risk to assess their impact on the overall portfolios to help in assessing value and trade idea generation. 
  • Source, clean, organize, describe, and model key quantitative/qualitative data sets; task automation for the sake of timeliness, reliability, and accuracy of reports/models reporting. 
  • Research, compare, and propose technology/process solutions and/or enhancements to existing report production processes & contents in order to improve relevance, quality, and timeliness and, ultimately, support investment decision making.

Telework Information: This position is eligible for hybrid work schedule, with up to two days of remote work and three days or more onsite, per week.

You will find additional information about the job in the Duty Statement.

Special Requirements

Statement of Qualifications

Please provide a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) for the hiring manager’s review. Applications received without an SOQ or those that do not respond to the specific questions/statements below will not be considered.

The SOQ must be typed and titled “Statement of Qualifications”. The SOQ must not exceed two pages in length and must not have font smaller than 11 point.

  • Describe your understanding of macroeconomic analysis (e.g., classes taken, familiarity with key economic releases, data analysis, statistical software, etc.). 
  • Describe your quantitative skills (i.e., ability to find, verify, clean, describe, and present data series, classes taken in statistics, ability to use advanced Excel functions, Bloomberg, etc.). 
  • Please share with us a global economic development that caught your attention and why? What was its economic impact? 
  • What is the GDP formula? Please explain its components and show how it might be different for a huge commodity exporter vs. a country that imports all of its energy needs–other things being equal. 

Supplemental Questionnaire

In addition to completing your online job application and the SOQ, you must complete the Supplemental Questionnaire. Applications received without completing the Supplemental Questionnaire may not be considered.