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Position: Senior Security Analyst


Riscure, Inc. in San Francisco, CA seeks Senior Security Analysts. Under the direction of CTO, Senior Security Analyst will analyze threats and weaknesses of customer products by evaluating the specifications, hardware design and/or code. Design and build test setups and test cases to evaluate the security level of clients products. Collect and analyze data obtained from customers test setups for security evaluations. Using SCA and FI tools in security evaluations and provide specialized training on the use of Riscure tools for clients. Lead the technical activities for a security evaluation project and be a technical knowledge resource for colleagues with less experience. Position based at company office in San Francisco, CA and may commute from home in greater San Francisco, CA area 1-2 days per week. Travel to clients and industry conferences in USA 1-2 times/yr and overseas HQ for training 1 week/yr.


Masters or equivalent in Computer Science, Computer and/or Electrical Engineering and 2 years of research gained during/after degree or professional experience in security analysis. Graduate-level coursework or hands-on knowledge in Cryptography, which includes primitives, standards, and protocols used for various cryptographic services; microprocessor and embedded systems; and Network architectures and protocols. 2 years of graduate research or hands-on knowledge in Side-channel Analysis on smart cards, including attack strategy, build measurement set up to perform efficient acquisition; pre-process side-channel traces; locate and pinpoint leakage; perform SPA, DPA, and EMA side-channel attacks for key recovery. 2 years work experience or graduate research in Fault Injection in active security attacks performing source code review and ID presence or absence of FI countermeasure in the code; understanding which attacks make sense; selecting relevant FI methods; use test tool to communicate using I2C, UART, JTAG..


Mail resume to Riscure Inc., 550 Kearny St. Suite 330, San Francisco, CA 94108 Attn: M. Fulgencio #EM101 or w/ ad copy email